About Me

When people ask me what I do for a living I tell them "I am an Artist. "

What I really want to say is: "I show people how to make creating fun, do-able and a total guilty pleasure."

What I really really want to say is: "I sip lattes while wearing yoga pants, crank up the stereo and splash paint all over canvases...like a boss. I splurge on essential oils, watercolors, friendships and design apps. I'm crazy in love with helping people (my team)  others grow their small business. Some days I pinch myself thinking about how I made this life (my life) so much fun."

While I am most comfortable with a cloudy jar of water and paint splashing at my side, I have an everlasting love of the humble pencil and journal and sketch almost every day. My best advice for you is to grab a pencil or a paintbrush and smoosh it around on something. Today. Today is good.


IMG_3455 2.JPG

Much of my work has appeared in Somerset Studio Publications; Somerset Studio, Somerset Apprentice, Artful Blogging, Craft a Doodle, Where Women Create Magazine and Book. You can find more of my work at Blue Pomegranate Art Gallery, Omaha, NE.