Are You an Art Warrior?

Earlier this year my dear friend, Roben-Marie Smith, of The Documented Life Project, asked me to be a Featured Artist for this week. They do so many great projects there! 
The theme is currently using stencils, masks and stamps. I have grown to be a bit of a purist in my art journal the last couple of years, but I couldn't resist using a stencil. Ever! The journal page I am sharing today is in my watercolor art journal.

I'm going to walk you thru the steps to create this journal page. Even tho this is a page done on watercolor paper, we aren't limited to using just watercolors on them. I've used several supplies to create my art warrior.

  • Pencil, white eraser
  • All Stabilo Pencils, Black and Blue
  • Grumacher Watercolors (any are fine) and watercolor paintbrush
  • 6x6 Stencil by Rebekah Meier Designs, Mini Specimens
  • Black paint
  • Black marker
  • Charcoal pencil
  • Moleskine Watercolor Journal

First up, lightly sketch a your portrait somewhere in the center of the page.

It doesn't have to be amazing, just a rough sketch is fine. It will change a lot soon! Next, tuck the stencil into the hair of the portrait. I love how it looks like a big flower in her hair. Using black paint and a stiff dry brush, stencil the wheel in place. Let dry.

While that black paint is drying, we can work on other areas of the page. Using an All Stabillo blue and or black pencil, create some shadows on the face. Wet your brush and swish the marks around to give them a watercolor effect. I love this part!


Once you feel the stencil is dry, begin coloring it in with watercolor paints. I painted in the pieces carefully toward the center, and alternated in between the pieces of the wheel to avoid a lot of bleed.

Once you get to the outside of the wheel, let the colors bleed to help extend them.

Continue working on the face now, filling in and creating more depth and color. Add a few brushes and pencils behind the portrait, too. Paint those in as well. I like how they look like they are in her backpack...or maybe they are wings?!

I wrote ART WARRIOR into her collar with a black marker. Then I used watercolors to outline the page and speckled it a bit with a really wet brush and some yellow watercolor.

Lastly, I added a juicy red heart to the top of the page and wrote a quote from Elizabeth Gilbert's book "Big Magic". A book I am so enjoying right now...have you read it?

Enjoy stenciling and creating an art warrior!

Thanks Roben-Marie, for featuring my journal page!