Summer Reading List

I'm a reader. That's for sure. I usually find myself going for the non-fiction lately. Self improvement...I'm all for that. It's not very often that I crack open a fiction book, but I do love them, too. I get so absorbed in them and don't afford myself that luxury often enough. Anyway, here are the books I've had my nose tucked in this Summer:

The Artisan Soul. Really awesome book. If you feel like your creator is involved in the artistic process, then your heart will skip a beat and the words on the pages will resonate deep. I'm not finished with this one yet, but have enjoyed it so far.

This is adult coloring at it's finest. I convinced myself I HAD to have this book. It is good. The clerks at my B & N high five'd me for getting it. It's really popular right now. Honestly, it's a fad in my opinion. I don't usually do fad type stuff, but I caved this time.

It's a huge time suck. Time is a big luxury, even in the I doubt I will spend much time doing this. I'll let you decide!

Here is a page I started. This took almost 2 hours....see...big time suck. My Copic Markers bleed there's that. Sigh....

Now this gem...amazing. I needed this book, too. I loved it. Have you read it? Oh my gosh...I've been doing this tidying up, Marie Kondo style. Awesome!

Here is a peek at my tshirt drawers. So pretty! This is a must read. It's a small book. I recommend you finish the book and then start your tidying up escapades. I'm not finished with mine, but I love the results!! I see thing so much differently now. More is not the answer, folks. It's just not. More is a case of laziness, sadness, covering up and burying emotions. I highly recommend this book if you twitched even a little at that sentence.

This book, QBQ, I downloaded on my Kindle, so it's not a good cover shot! Quick read. Very helpful and it helps you be helpful and get to the point. Loved it! another highly recommend!

This last one will make you laugh, hysterically. It's hilarious oh YEAH, but it's also filled with really really good recipes. I've been learning soooo much! Like what nooch is, for example. I just got this book, and it's been worth it just for the laughs. I am looking forward to trying several of the recipes.

Okay your turn....what have you been reading and loving?