Neon Garden Sunrise

I am pleased to share this new canvas! Why haven't I done more in my Neon Series? Good question. I'm fixing that...I'm on it. Folks have enjoyed them and I am planning to add more. This canvas sealed the deal for me.  So fun to paint and I can't stop celebrating it's obvious I need to do more. This piece is now available at Blue Pomegranate Gallery.

Here are a few close ups of this one:

While I was in my studio shooting photos of The Neon Garden Sunrise, I took a few more shots in there. Here are some misfits in a corner, that are near and dear to my heart.

My ponytail palm is needing some attention I think. Ack!

A pile of paint and a really messy palette. Bliss to me. That's where the magic happens, folks. Not glamorous but it sure is colorful.

Enjoy your day!