September, Hooray!

What's better than Summer? To me, it's September. The thought of that word always brings a smile to my face. In my area, the temps get cooler, there is a crispness to the air, the sky seems more vibrant, and lattes are a main stay. Well, lattes are always a good idea for me, but especially now. No more iced lattes!

I am busy prepping this week for the upcoming Gratitude with Attitude Online Workshop. My studio is looking so colorful and every time I walk in there I am instantly reminded of how much I love working with bright colors, and how much they make me smile and lighten any mood.

I took some photos of the supplies I will be using in the Workshop and thought I would share them here. Firstly, I want to impress upon folks that you do not need to have a lot of supplies for this Workshop. Use what you have. I am. The only things I bought for this workshop were the post it notes and a some inexpensive paints from Target. I just couldn't resist. I mean, just look at them!

I played with them yesterday and they are thin, but not too thin. They will be just right for my journal pages.

Okay, here are the photos of the supplies I'll be using. I will add a description after the photos.

1. Moleskine 8.5x12 Sketchbook Journal. Black Hardcover. This is different from Moleskine Notebooks. The paper is thicker and that is the key ingredient for us as we will be painting on the pages. Whatever journal you go with, make sure the pages are thick. Also, my preference is to work (play?!) in a larger journal. I don't do small very well. So that's the reason for the size.  Here is a link.

2. Colored Pencils. At least 12. :)

3. Black Writing Pen. I will be using a couple but my fav is the Fude 1.5 mm by Ohto. I get them by the box at Jet Pens for around $2.50 a pen. If you just want one, here is a link

3. Bic Ball point Black pen.

4. White Eraser.

5. Pencils. I'm using a 6B and a charcoal pencil. Use what you have.

6. Marks-All Stabillo Pencil, Black. I get them here.

7. Two paintbrushes. Flat is ideal. 1/2" and 1/4".

8. Acrylic paints: black, white, yellow, red, blue. Any brand is fine. I'll be using Cadmium Yellow, Manganese Blue and Cadmium Red. I'll also be using the 7 bottles of acrylics from Target, but just use what you have or get colors you like.

9. White Gesso. You can pick it up at any art store or major craft store. I prefer Liquitex but any brand is fine.

10. Colorful Post it Notes. I squealed at the sight of the Post-It Note aisle at my local office supply store the other day and picked up some great packs!

11. Markers. At least 12 if possible. I'll be using Copics but they aren't required.

12. Glue Stick.


Want to check out the info again about the Online Workshop? It's starting September 9!

The quick link is: here.