Sisters Are Such Blessings

My sister, Sassy is her nickname in our family, came to visit this past week. My heart is now full. She is my best friend and every time we are together we laugh and laugh (I usually have to leave the room so I can catch my breath)...and we just have the best time together! 

Here are some photos I took during her stay. 

We had a few quiet times, a lot of loud times (the laughter part) some creating time and of course shopping time. :)

We bought soooo many pumpkins...ah!! Enough to fill the kitchen table. Allie, Sas and I spent one night painting a few and now we all have a pumpkin spread for Fall. We even made a pumpkin pile for our mom and Sas will deliver them to her when she gets back home. I will share the finished version my my lil pumpkin patch soon.

We met Allie for lunch one day and got a great tour of Hudl (that's where Allie works). 


Our oldest son treated her and the fam to aebelskivers! 

it as such a great week and I loved having her here!