The Pumpkin, the Book and the Event

When my sis was here last week, we decorated pumpkins. Soooo fun! I mentioned in my last post that I would show you what we did. Let me back up tho and say that we bought about 25 pumpkins...what?! We got a pile for my mom, my daughter, my sis and me. All different colors and sizes. So pretty! My tastes have changed when it comes to Fall decor...have yours, too? I have bins of Fall decor I don't use anymore. I really should donate that stuff. I will. But for now, I want to show you what we made.

We each made the large creme pumpkin in the middle. Then we painted a couple smaller ones black and left the rest as is. They are on my kitchen table...looking quite festive I must say.

We found the tutorial over at Place of My Taste. They really were simple to do. I like that they are clean looking, and the colors compliment that room.

Okay, have you read this book? I spent some time reading the past few days...which is rare for me. I know I need to read more. I try. I'm not a sit still kind of person and I am making an effort to sit still, relax and read more. This book is helping. It's a keeper for sure. Glennon is so genuine...and funny. She is wonderful and I connect with her completely. I'm half way thru the book now and I know I need to start savoring every little chapter!

I also did a lot on the computer this weekend. Prepping for this Online Event going on Monday night. Some of my oily peeps and I have put together another great evening all about our beloved oils and can't wait to chat about it with folks!

If you are quick, you can still get in on it...just shoot me an email!