My Wanderlust Project

My Wanderlust project will be up soon and I wanted to give you a peek! We will be painting a still life, using rich and vibrant colors and some really, in my opinion, cool techniques.


Wanderlust is a year long course, filled with weekly tutorials from so many of my fav artists. I am looking forward to seeing what they all share! Click here to visit the Wanderlust website, find out more, and register! It's not to late. :)

I have also done a bit of sketching this week.These are some very quick faces but I was so pleased with their personalities I had to share.

This sketch was much more time consuming. I love it when mark making takes me to a whole different place and all I concentrate on are the lines and the smudges. Such a great way to spend an afternoon I think.

The still life for Wanderlust is much more colorful. My tutorial is uplive in less than 2 weeks!