That Time I Went To Utah

Have you ever found your feet smack dab in the middle of a lavender field? It's humbling that's for sure. I recently had the opportunity to do just that. Gorgeous. I mean....come ON...

Some oily friends and I gathered for a nice long weekend of fun and celebration at our Silver Retreat in Salt Lake City. These girls are amazing. So blessed with their friendship! Thanks for the great day Nikkee, Kati and Ashley!

The farm was my favorite part. Which was surprising to me because have spent most of my life as a city girl. Those mountains and that lavender tho...breathtaking!

We spent most of our trip in Salt Lake. Have you been there before? Such a clean city. I was amazed. Fairytale like really. We stayed at The Grand America Hotel downtown and were treated like princesses the entire time. 

This night we were celebrating. Not my fave photo but it is what it is! Ha! Nikkee, me and Lindsey.

Janelle, Justine, me and Nikkee...oily franz...

So much fun!!!! I can't wait to go back to Utah!