Our Thanksgiving Break

We spent our Thanksgiving with family last week. My fav time of the year!! On our road trip we met with a good friend, Angela, and had a latte together. :) We've been friends for a while, but never met in person so that was awesome! 

We had a great time with our family, my mom, sis and her hubby. Our kiddos--getting ansy waiting for turkey...goofy photos just happen when they are together and there's never been much I can do about it so I just roll with it. 


Allie even made a cherry pie! Isn't it beautiful? Wonder if she can teach me how?

Black Friday is another holiday we take seriously. The girls and I, yeah we don't mess around. We went to several fav must see stores like Plenty Merchantile and Lush

We spent a lot of time at a new (to me) store; Urban Farmhouse. OMW. Awesome place! We were all smiles after that!

FullSizeRender 25.jpg

SUCH A FUN visit!!! :)