Sketches and Candles

I just realized that a blog post I wrote last week was set to draft. WTH!? Darn it!!

So I'm picking up where I left off...ha! Going with the flow with myself.

I've been carving out some time to do some sketching. Charcoals and conte mostly. I don't think artists ever know or are ever satisfied with a piece. Do you? Are you? As I add this here I see things I would like to add or take away from this owl. It's a practice piece...always learning.

This one was done quickly. Very rough. I like the bones of him and I wonder what would happen if I kept on going. Would anything come of it?

For now he sits. On an easel waiting for me to decide. Ha!

Now back to the post I had in draft mode for a week. I'm going to catch you up on that. Last week I did a really fun online event all about making candles. The healthy way. I love candles (what girl doesn't?) so I tossed out the ones that aren't good for our living spaces and made new ones. Some I repurposed. Anyhoo, I just wrote the how to in the Lifestyle section of my blog (left hand sidebar). By the way that is where I write all kinds of things about my essential oils. It's a way for me to keep myself organized. :)

I hope you go check it out! :)