Watercolors are My Dancing Partner

I think I've mentioned a few times that I find watercolors absolutely dreamy. They are also mysterious, and full of surprises...and have quite a creative mind of their own at times. All the more reason to love them I say.

Watercolors take me by the hand, and invite me to dance in some kind of color infused dream-like upstairs in the light...and well, you just never know the outcome.

I really like that space of not knowing, but wanting to go there and push thru uncertainty.

This week I started my friend, Danielle Donaldson's All Creature Lovely and Small Watercolor and Illustration Online Class. It's magical so far. I'm only at the beginning and I'm pacing myself. I don't make time for myself enough and this kind of self care is just my style.

I even found one of my old color charts. Mmmm....still beautiful and ever.