Keep the Mystery

Still loving watercolors! I took a few photos to share what I've been doing in my watercolor journal. Most of the creative work I do in my journals is play. I play...pretty much. :) I rarely, if ever, know what the outcome will be. When I put the brush in the color and then on the paper it's always a surprise. A beautiful one.

Yes, there are failures sometimes but that's life, too, right? They are opportunities for growth really. It's all about seeing where the paint takes me. I colors, the lines, the surprises...

Truth bomb: if I knew what the outcome would be when I started painting something, that would take away the fun and surprise element. I never want that...that's where the magic is!! I go where the mystery is. Whatever tools and whatever it takes to get it...that's where I go.

I've been slowly editing my studio space, too. Bringing new life to some of the furniture and's amazing how things build up. As soon as I am finished I will share some photos. It's making me immensely happy so far!