Top 6 Fav Things

Mad crush day, I love it when people share their fav things and I haven't shared mine in forever. Here's what I am crushing on lately!!


1.  Floral purple/pink Starbucks tumbler. If you know me at all, you know I'm big on Starbucks. The double wall keeps things cold longer and I must have a straw. I must. The cute factor is pretty high on this one, too!

2. My planner. I'm a junkie. I confess I've fallen victim. I sticker and highlight it up like a 5 year old, too. No judging.

3. YL Northern Lights Black Spruce. I think I have a bottle in every room in my house. It smells grounding and refreshing to me. If it ever goes out of stock I will cry!!

4. Brookside Acai Blueberries a/k/a my innocent treat. Maybe they aren't real blueberries but I'm ok with that. Yummm.

5. Urban Decay Ozone Layer lipliner. It's clear and it helps all the Tarte (or any) lip stain or lipstick from spreading. That's just genius! It works like a charm.

6. The Big Leap, by Guy Hendricks. I've highlighted and bookmarked so many pages it'll take me a day to read them all!! It's going to be hard to top this book!! I just finished this and am nervous about starting a new book now!

There we have it... my 6 mad crushes!