A Sweet Summer

Things have been busy around here and full of life. Hope you are enjoying your Summer!

My Mom was here earlier this Summer, and then my sis spent the week with us last week. My heart is full. So full.

I am looking forward to a bit of calm around here if that's possible? I want to study and paint and have more Summer night's on the deck. Maybe a bonfire or two. That'd be wonderful.

I have to tell you about this deal, because it so rarely happens. Like twice a year maybe? This is one of those times! The Starter Kit I know and love is on sale right now! What?! 10% off! I try and keep my essential oil stuff in my website section under essential oils, but I am a rebel and had to share here too.

This is the Kit I started my wellness journey with. My team and I have helped hundreds of families with so many issues, as we share and guide them on their oil journeys. Talk about filling your heart with good stuff. We've helped with sleep (I raise my hand to that one), emotional wellness (I raise my hand again), physical issues, seasonal sniffles (hubby raises his hand) and so many other things. Naturally. 

I still find therapeutic grade essential oils to be fascinating. We're not talking about the cheap oilsyou find in health food stores. Nope. I'm talking about the therapeutic grade oils. How about you? Have you thought about oils for your wellness issues? I know you will be surprised and elated and grateful them!

Have a peek at my stories about essential oils here.

Quick link to getting that kit, while it's 10% off: here.

Questions? I'm an email away. :)