WAFE Workshop

Well, BIG YAY! I have a new art workshop to announce! I'm just so excited to share this with you! More on that shortly. For now...let me share the vivid details about The WAFE Workshop!

This all new Workshop has been on my mind for over a year. I felt the need to share it but wasn't sure how to. So I did a lot of researching the past 8 months and while that was really interesting, I started to feel smaller and smaller and lost in the pages (and hours) of research. Ever felt like that? So I thanked the research for helping me and decided to continue with what I know. And that is art. 

Art from a teaching perspective, but also as a person. I love the way I feel when I create, and when I create something good then all the better. That's my magic. Check out this video about the new Workshop:

You can enjoy early bird pricing of $48 now through August 15! The Workshop will be $68 so by enrolling now you save a nice $20 you can spend on art supplies or whatever makes you smile! 

Okay the back story I hinted at earlier...I have wanted to do this Workshop for over a year but my computer was old and out of memory (wow it was so mad at me). I always provide video rich content and that takes up a lot of memory. My computer refused to honor my wishes. When I created that labor of love video introduction this afternoon I literally had tears in my eyes I was so overjoyed. It's been a long time coming! I am sooo thankful for my new computer! HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN! Woot! 

Bop on over to this page to get all the details for WAFE Workshop: here!