5 Creative Ways to Practice Self Care

There are times when we all need to turn inward and take care of ourselves. It's a must! Especially for moms who spend so much of their time taking care of others, right? The to-do list is never ending. I know mine certainly is. As soon as I cross off one thing, I need to add three more to the list. I couldn't function without my to-do lists and planner. No way!

I do make time every week to create. Often times I am painting for others (commission stuff), or for a workshop, or making pieces to sell, but it's really important to just play, too. 

It's critical. 

Taking care of you, is a priority. If it isn't, make it one! 

Have you read the book The Fringe Hours, by Jessica Turner? I read it last Fall and that book really opened my eyes to the importance of making time for me. 

I am heading off to my studio after this blog post, to do just that. 

Even treated myself to some new juicy tubes of color to make it extra fun.

Here are my 5 creative ways to practice self care:

1. Get in your studio and clean it up. Like to clean? Hey, some folks do. So tidy it up in there and you will all of the sudden find yourself feeling more invited and welcomed in there. Voila! Don't be a stranger to your sacred space.

2. Turn on some music. Music starts to get things moving in your space...especially your gray matter. Who likes to create when there's no movement in the room? Get some sounds waves going.  Bonus points for dancing! 

3. Create with the intention of not creating anything. Just pick up whatever supplies you are drawn to and explore. 15 minutes of this equals major happy. Promise!

4. Move your hands. With a brush or a marker...pen...pencil in it...across a surface. Go big, go uncomfy...use your non-dominant hand...explore and surprise yourself. 

5. Do something new or haven't done in a really long time. Change up the colors or try adding new lines to it. Revisit that old canvas or an old art journal you haven't touched in forever. yeah, the one that's just been sitting there because you didn't like it enough months ago...why not switch it up or make and experiment out of it? It's very freeing to do!

Okay...like I said, I'm off to go play. Which means self care. :)