Fresh Food Delivered

Last year, in a total rut for recipes, I convinced hubby to sign us up for Blue Apron. Have you ever ordered from a service that sends original recipes and fresh ingredients to your doorstep every week? We are loving my adventures in Blue Apron and wish I’d signed up sooner. Yup, we became fast friends.

There are a few companies like Blue Apron out there...Hello Fresh and Plate are similar. Whenever I write about our fantabulous meals on Instagram or Facebook, people all seem to have a preference for these services. 

Like a good chiropractor or therapist, that big brown box gives me just the right nudge to move my cooking in a new direction. I consider myself a pretty creative cook, yet certain ingredients like catfish or collard greens never made it to my week day repertoire. There’s a new spark to our dinners on Blue Apron nights. We are always impressed and in love with the meals because they are things I just don't ever make...which is kind of the point to even doing this, right? Our boys are continuously amazed with how great things taste, too. 

One of the recipes we had this week was Za-atar Chicken Souvlaki and they were amazinggggggg. 

If you have use a similar service, I'd love to hear about who you use and why. :)