5 Things Not To Do When Going Live on Facebook

Have you been going live on Facebook to connect to share content yet? Because you totally should. It's sooo much fun! Yes, it can be a little scary the first few times...I totally understand I know the feeling. Once you get comfortable with live videos it gets a lot easier. Plus, your friends and your audience loves seeing you and what you are up to!!

5 Things Not To Do When Going Live

So, once you decide to jump into Facebook Live land I've got a few tips that will be super helpful! 


Here a couple things NOT to do when you go live: 

1. Wait to start speaking. Once you click that GO LIVE button, start talking. Yup. You'll be so glad you did when you watch the replay. 

2. Start without a smile. It's a proven fact that we humans love to see people smiling. It makes us happier and hey who doesn't want to feel happier?

3. Speak with a monotone voice. Come from a genuine place of excitement and not fear. You can hide your fear for a few minutes, right? Tell fear she can join you but to sit in the back seat for a hot minute, while you try something new. 

4. Hold your camera. Keep your camera (your phone, right?) as still as you can. When you watch the replay you'll be so glad you did. Prop the phone on a stack of books or set it somewhere safely in front of you so you don't have to worry about it while you are live.

5. Go live in the dark or in poor lighting. Of course, natural lighting is always always best. if you are outside in the dark or in a dark room and want to go live, you and everything you show will be really grainy and well....dark and hard to see. Best advice is to turn on lots of lights around you or wait until daylight to go live.


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