Live Video Like a Rockstar

You're ready to click the live button and you get a wee bit nervous or draw a blank and then whaaaaaat?! Let's kick those nerves to the curb. Ready? Yes! 


1. Know your subject

You know it better than your audience so take comfort in that!  Nobody is asking you to be THE #1 expert of all things...really they aren't. They want to learn from you. Because you're pretty cool and they like you. 

2. Make a Plan

Sounds easy enough but those extra steps will up your confidence and your viewers will feel it and appreciate it! Make an outline on a post it note and stick it near your viewing area so you'll see it if you get off track. Genius, yes? Yes!

3. Engage with your audience

Part of the fun and excitement of live videos is seeing them in real the moment. Give a shout out to someone you see who is watching. Also, go back and read the comments later and interact with your folks or answer questions. Hey, it is SOCIAL media, right? Doing this helps folks know that you care and they will appreciate it! 



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Build a Better Live Video

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