Still Making Graphic Mistakes?

Lots of folks are asking how I make the graphics they see me sharing on social media.  So, I'm putting on the designer hat for a hot minute. 

Do you want to up your graphics game? Do you ever look at other folk's graphics and think to yourself "Wow, that looks so great, how did she DO that?" 

design graphics on the fly.png

First of all, no comparing yourself to others. Nope. Nope. Blowing the whistle on that right here right now. Whoever she is...she is not you! 

If you want to make a boss...that get looks and stops and totally can. Don't have the fancy schmancy software? That's okay. You don't need it. Don't get me wrong, PhotoShop is fantastic and I love it, but guess what? There are several apps you can use on your phone or tablet to do close to the same thing.

If you already use some of those Apps now, great! If you're feeling like you need some help I've got you covered. I've created a Design Flow Cheat Sheet to help you make sure you cover the main steps when making graphics. 


For LOTS of people, making a graphic isn't something they do on the fly. Maybe it takes time. The good news is, the more you do it the better you get. Isn't that the truth with everything? This Cheat Sheet helps you remember all the steps you need to cover to make that graphic sing. Well, maybe not sing...but I think you know what I mean. 

Did you know if you have a splash of color in your social media content, people are 80% more willing to read it? Or that content with relevant images gets 94% more views? Basically, pictures make for more engaging social posts.


Now, if you are a pro, this probably isn't for you. If you need help in this arena...know that everyone has been there. This Cheat Sheet an angel on your shoulder helping you do all the pretty things.



Ever make a mistake, forget something in graphics making mode...then kick yourself after it's too late and you already hit publish? This will help, friend.

Know what? It's pretty fun, too. Get the Cheat Sheet.

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