Friends, let's have a little chat about the light in your space. I know lightbulbs aren't sexy, but the light they project in your space can be.

One of the first things I did when I remodeled my art studio was celebrate the natural light...of course. YAY! I have my desk right next to a window as a matter of fact. It's the best! 

The second thing I did was to add LED natural light bulbs to all of the light fixtures and lamps. Game changer status!! The lighting in your workspace, if you are painting is critical for getting true colors. It also makes the art or decor in any of your home look prettier. 

If you are doing live videos, you need to get the correct lighting too. A ring light is awesome, but if you can't swing the price yet, at least get natural LED bulbs in your fixtures. Or do those live videos outside, or near a window. Those are photographer tips too. :)

Studying a lot or someone in your home studying a lot? Natural lighting will decrease the eye strain too. 

Head over to Home Depot or Lowe's and look at their extensive light bulb selection. Most of the manufacturers have a display that shows the color of the bulbs. Pick natural...not blueish or yellowish. Here's an example...see...not sexy but they will make everything look better!



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