More Pretty Little Labels

Do you like candles? Cuz I made some labels that I'm crushing on and had to share.

This time of the year I love the glow of candles. Maybe it's because it gets dark earlier. I also am (as you know) BIG on toxin free candles. So many synthetics and scary chemicals permeate into our homes and we breathe them in. So do our children, pets and guests. Uhm, no thanks. 

I love love love making candles, and hopefully I'll get a post together soon about my methods. Super simple, but for now the labels! 

I am a clean and classic let's your candle and your glow shine so that's what I've created for you. 

Clean Candle Labels

I also made these instantly downloadable. Super easy. Enjoy!

You can find them in the shop section here

Have you gotten essential oils into your home yet? Get the good stuff. You deserve it and so does your family. Don't settle for oils at the grocery store. OMG. No. Get the real deal! I had the pleasure of visiting one of the many Young Living farms last year and saw their practices first hand. You can't do that with grocery store oils guys. 


Check out my website about oils and get yourself a Premium Starter Kit. That's what I started with and it's, truth be told, the best bang for your buck. 

When you become a member, you can get the above labels as a thank you from me. Also, I have a very active private oil chat group filled with families who are using oils and loving LESS toxins in their lives. That's another thing you don't get from grocery store oils. We host classes regularly, you can ask questions openly and enjoy the help from like minded folks who are amping up their wellness on the daily. You'll love it!