Build a Better Graphic Course

There's a NEW Course coming up! Entrepreneurs this one is for you. It's about time, right?

I've been wanting to offer a Course just for those friends who are working hard to provide for their family. I see you out there and I applaud you. 

Who is this Course a good fit for? 

Small business owners, entrepreneurs in all sizes and flavors. The local coffee shop owner, the artist or crafter who just created an Etsy site, the savvy fashionista, the blogger, the network marketer, the side hustler, the eBay marketer. The folks out there making a difference but need a little help in the graphics department. 

When you share something about your business you have two ways to do that. Your words and your graphic. Guess which one your audience looks at first? On most social media platforms (and in print), your audience looks at the graphic before they even read what you have to say. If they like what they see, they will read what you have to say. 

I've been working hot and heavy on creating a Course just for you. A Course filled with step by step video tutorials, and a heirarchy for your graphics that is simple to master and you will refer to again and again. I'm pretty excited to share it with you! 

Gone are the days of spending hours with your nose in a 3" thick book trying to master design and PhotoShop. It was pretty overwhelming wasn't it. Don't get me wrong...I have mad love for PhotoShop...oh do I. It's not a good fit for most people and the learning curve is pretty steep. Guess what? It's 2017 and we can now create amazing and impactful graphics on our phones and our tables. 

It is important to me that every person in this Course walks away with more confidence in their graphics making so I am limiting the number of enrollments. If this interests you, don't wait until the Course is full.

The ultimate goal for small business owners is to invest little time and a few dollars and see big results quickly. I understand. I'm keeping this very valuable Course at a minimum price to help you do that. I know how impatient you are, I'm a small business owner, too!


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The Build a Better Graphics Course starts April 3!