Let's Do a Catch Up

Hey friend, oh my word where does the time go? I have been so busy I haven't had a chance to pop in here and keep things fresh and interesting. Sigh. It's been quite a rollercoaster around here. In a good way tho!

A few updates:

  1. I started doing yoga. I puffy heart love it. 
  2. My son is graduating from high school in a month. I will be crazy busy until then but I can't wait to share more about that monumental day.
  3. I'm working on an awesome cooking w/essential oils class. Super stoked about that.
  4. I rearranged my studio and love it. I put my big working table near a window. Now even more natural light. Boom! 
  5. Hubby and I are heading out on a fun biz trip I'm doing soon. Yay! That like never happens.
  6. We are working on some backyard spruce up spiff up projects. Spring is here! We like to spend time out there so this should be fun and I hope it all ends up looking like we are planning. :)
  7. Folks are love love loving the Build a Better Graphics Course I launched a few weeks ago. I am thrilled they are thrilled. It's a self paced Course, so there's still time to partake!