Savvy Minerals Crushes It

Have you heard about the new Savvy Minerals make up Line Young Living just released? Because it's a big deal friends. All natural make up...which I have been on the search for and yet to like anything I've picked up.

I got so excited when this line came out I took a photo of what I got.

Savvy Minerals is best described by telling you what isn't in it. There's no talc, no bismuth, no parabens, no petrochemicals, and no synthetic fragrances. Isn't that incredible? 

Did you know the average woman puts over 186 chemicals on herself before she starts her day? Lipstick contains 33 chemicals that don't need to be there to for us look pretty and feel confident.

Did you know the European Union bans over 1300 chemicals. The U.S. Bans 11. 

it's time to start being smart about what we put on ourselves. 

Some girls on my team and I just did a HUGE online class about The Savvy Minerals line we've been loving. We shared lots of videos, how to's and hacks and it was a blast! I did a live video in front of over 500 viewers. That was a little nerve wracking but it went really well. :)

Gals who've used it so far are loving it more than their Mac products. I through out all of my Bare Minerals which I thought was a pretty safe product but after seeing their scores on my Think Dirty App I know that's simply untrue. 

I'm loving:

-the coverage options

-the matching to skin tones

-the concealer hack

-how it doesn't irritate skin

-how it doesn't settle into wrinkles (ahem)

-and of course that Savvy Minerals is completely natural and I'm not adding toxins and chemicals that don't need to be there to my skin.

You can see the colors and options on my oily website here: Amazing Frank

It's flying off the shelves, and you can order from my site but I wouldn't wait!

ProTip: Order a Basic Starter Kit and then add the Savvy Minerals that interest you. It's only $45 but it gives you wholesale pricing. SWEET. That's 24% off Retail friends. :)

I started with the Foundation, Misting Spray, Lipstick, Lipglosss, Mineral Veil, and the Multi-Tasker. Then I fell in love with it all and went back and loaded up on Blush, Bronzer, Eyeliner, 3 eyeshadows and another color of lipstick and lipgloss. SO GOOD!