Checking In On Your Best Self

Ever wished you could go back to being your better self? What does that self look like...what does she think and feel and do on the daily?

Does that girl seem far away for some reason?

What got in the way between you and that best you? 




Other people?

For me it was my kids moving out ... leaving the nest. That was some rough emotional stuff.


Here’s what I know. My best self is more confident.

My best self is doing the things she loves again like painting and also laughing. That feels good! 

She is singing (not well mind you, ha).

She’s seeing and enjoying the best parts of the small moments again. 

I worked to get what I needed to get back to her and I chose the fast lane to do it. Turns out it was a lot easier than I thought to bring her back. How about you? If you aren’t her now, what are you doing to find her again? You deserve to find her. ♥️ Yes you! 

When you are operating at your best you (the authentic you with emotions in check) you are helping your family, your children, spouse, friends, coworkers. Many of those people need you and rely on you. They deserve the best you, too. 

The coolest part is what you put out into the world-into relationships...comes back to you...then goes back to those cherished family, friends, coworkers...and it’s a beautiful piece of ♾ infinity. A piece you want to be a part of. We all need you to be a part of!