In the Studio With New Supplies

I've been watercoloring and painting more and more. It feels like I'm reintroducing myself to old friends! My love of watercolor has deepened and I have been gathering more colors that I love to swash across paper. 


That brush is partly to blame. My friend, Nikkee, suggested Isabey brushes and once I splurged I haven't regretted it for a second. Have you ever tried these brushes? 


Playing and getting lost in the happy colors. Watercolor has been magical to me for a while. I get lost in the colors!

This is a rework in process. Not watercolors, but acrylics which are so much easier. I was inspired by this pretty bottle. Isn't it irresistible?


It's so important to keep your art and creativity alive. I never want to lose that gift. Everyone has it you know...winky wink. It's also like a muscle and it needs to be kept in good shape. Use it or lose it! With that, I'm off to the studio to paint. :) 


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