A Peek in My Studio

Who else likes peeking into the creative spaces of others? I raise my hand, high! 


Studios are a sacred space to me. Yes, it's a working space, but it's also a retreat and it's personal. Maybe that's why they are intriguing. I organized a few areas of my studio this week. Uhh, finally, and I'm pretty sure the angels in all the heavens are grateful I did. Here is most of my watercolor supplies, all in one cabinet.


You can see the cabinet better in this photo. I also picked up a rolling cart. I filled it with shipping supplies. All in ONE place, imagine the smile on my face! Because it's on wheels, I can roll it over to my desk easily and print labels. 

The bin on the floor is filled with books, and will hopefully keep Lilly the Yorkie dog from chewing on them. Please!? 


My desk is actually a dining room table. I've had it forever. It's perfect for me because I love to spread all the things out. Painting supplies, video equipment...yup all the things. It's a challenge to keep it clean and cleared off. It rarely is.

I even spiffed up this shelf which I love to look at now. I sketched that portrait a few years ago and it's one of my favs because it has finished parts and unfinished parts. That represents life to me and let's the viewers eye fill in the rest.