The New Workshop

Who is ready to learn how to make perfume? The kind of aromas that cause second sniffs and that make an entrance with you because they are natural and without synthetics. Woah, is there such a thing? Yup, there totally is. 

The Art of Couture Perfume

Saturday morning I’ll show you how it’s done. There’s a signature for every woman and every mood. I think you are worthy of the very best in life. In fact, it’s okay to be extra. I’m extra sometimes too. 

Who’s ready to learn how to make perfume? 💖

The one hour class takes place over in my Lemon Tree Academy. Click 👇🏼and you’re in!

I've been making so many beautiful perfumes in my studio lately, and decided to make some labels for roller bottles too.

Roller Bottle

There's a beautiful set of 6 and 2 blanks. You can find them in my shop: here!