Build a Better Graphic

Build a Better Graphic
Build a Better Graphic

Build a Better Graphic


Ever wish your graphics had more impact or that certain....oomph factor? Ever wish your graphics helped spread your message? Entrepreneurs, this Course is for you. 

Maybe you consider yourself to be an okayyyy to pretty alright graphic whipper upper. I feel you. 

Would you like to maximize your graphics impact to get more eyeballs on it tho? In the Build a Better Graphic Course I will show you exactly how to do that very thing.

  • Learn the right size for your graphic
  • How to pick fonts that help you convey your brand, mood and your message
  • Snag the perfect image that expresses your message
  • Build a hierarchy for your graphic
  • Amp up everyone's favorites--spacing and kerning
  • How to add watermarks to protect your message
  • Master color and use it purposefully
  • And so much more

You will be so confident with your creations you won't be able to stop making and sharing them.


Best part tho? 


We're going to do all of this on our phone or tablet.


I'm pretty big on applying the skills once we learn them so we will design 5 graphics together. To suit your needs in the best way possible. It's my experience that applying the skills is the best way to master them. We will hold hands and I'll walk thru this process step by step with video tutorials you can watch over and over again. 

Here's a one minute video to help explain The Build a Better Graphic Course:


I will show you my most favorite apps to use to get a-mazing looking well as ones not to waste your coffee money on. Gone are the days of having to invest in novels about design, PhotoShop, expensive Courses that take months to conquer and empty your business account quickly. Those Courses are great don't get me wrong...nope nope...I'm saying there is an easier way. 

In this Course I'll show you how to master them. Quickly. Stumbling thru graphics will be a thing of the past. 

When you share something about your business you have two ways to do that. Your words and your graphics. Guess which one your audience looks at first? On most social media platforms (and in print), your audience looks at the graphic before they even read what you have to say. If they like what they see, they will then read what you have to say. 

Ready to kick your graphics up a notch?


The size of the Course is limited. It is important to me to be able to help you and that you walk away feeling confident in your skills. I am only taking a limited number enrollments for this Course. 


The small print: 

  • I will be using an IPhone and an iPad.
  • Several (but not all) of the Apps featured in this Course are available in Google Play for other smart phones.
  • The Apps recommended a/k/a graphics arsenal will require a minimal investment. I consider them to be invaluable tools and after this Course I am 100% confident you will love them and use them again and again.
  • After the Course access information is given to you (via email) your registration is nonrefundable.
  • You will have access to the Course for one year from date of registration.
  • You can watch, learn, practice again and again at your leisure. 


When Do We Start? The Course is self paced and you can start to create beautiful graphics today! 

The Course takes place here on this website. Upon registering, you will receive details about accessing the Course. Usually within the hour.

Can I take this Course with a friend? One person per enrollment, no group enrollments at this time. 

Complete details for this NEW Online Course are available under "Workshops" in the left sidebar.

You will have access to this workshop one year after enrolling.

This is a self paced online workshop.

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