Savvy Minerals Intro Class


Savvy Minerals Intro Class


Let’s clean up those make up Class at a time! These graphic takes you through The Savvy Minerals by Young Living make up we love! Includes over 25 slides in PNG for easy posting online, through Facebook Events, or email, or for live class or live video presentations. 

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Slides included are:

  • Harmful ingredients commonly used in make up
  • Synthetics in make up in the U.S.
  • What’s in Savvy Minerals
  • Savvy Minerals Foundation
  • Savvy Minerals Bronzers and Blushes
  • Savvy Minerals Mineral Veil
  • Savvy Minerals Eyeshadow
  • Savvy Minerals Misting Spray/Eyeliner/Multitasker
  • Savvy Minerals Lipstick
  • Savvy Minerals Lipgloss
  • Savvy Mineral Brush Set
  • The Best Way to Start (PSK + Savvy Minerals)
  • A Good Place to Start (Basic + Savvy Minerals)
  • Quick Color Match Quiz
  • How to Become a Member
  • How to Place Your Order
  • Get on Essential Rewards
  • New Releases (10/17 Eyeshadow,Lipstick, Lip Glosses, New Brushes)
  • Savvy Mineral Holiday Collection
  • Welcome to The Club
  • Thank You for Attending
  • Welcome and Roll Call
  • Facebook Event Banner
  • Social Media Promotion Graphic

Every image you need to create a beautiful event that your audience will learn from and love! These graphics are a beautiful way to represent Savvy Minerals.

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